Terms and Conditions

  1. You can use your e-voucher / gift card only once.
  2. Electronic coupons and gift cards are case-sensitive. Please enter the code exactly as shown.
  3. Any form of CD keys, gift cards, prepaid cards that have been reviewed from your account or received by e-mail or message on mobile are not refundable or switch permanently.
  4. We do not hold any responsibility for the wrong purchases made by yourself, due to negligence and / or the introduction of false / false information, which may result in damages / losses. By purchasing any e-voucher / gift card from the store, You may have understood / approved and accepted the release of the anycard.online from liability.
  5. During purchase process you acknowledge that you must read the product description accurately and make sure that the electronic goods you have purchased are correct and you agree on the total price of the product including the activation fees.
  6. During the balance recharge process, if the value of the goods is more than the amount mentioned in your account or in the payment and checkout process, the Cardholder is authorized to settle the balance directly on your account.
  7. After delivery, anycard.online are not responsible for any loss or damage to the electronic goods purchased through the store and any loss or damage suffered by the buyer for this reason, knowing that the Anycard.onlie does not bear any responsibility if defected goods was not reported i 15 days.
  8. The purchase will be executed when the process is correct and not questionable. Any purchase on the Site under any doubt or incorrect operations will be discontinued and the account will be stopped immediately and the entire amount will be returned to the transferred account without reference to the customer. The customer will be suspended, Electronic Crimes in the Ministry of Commerce will be notified to complete the legal procedures in this regard.
  9. If the amount is refunded by Paypal in any way, a commission will be charged for refunding the PayPal amount by at least $ 35 and the service charge provided by our website.
  10. By registering on the site you agree to receive messages containing offers and discounts for products displayed on the site.